Accurately identify and assess the condition of a mobile device

Mobile Diagnostics

The future of mobile device diagnostics is to move warehouse or retail device testing to a mobile application that can be used by any customer anywhere.

Use our app to reduce risk by automating manual test processes and ensure a work flow that eliminates the chance of Find my iPhone or Google login devices entering the trade-in or lease program process flow.

Online trade-in

Remotely offer the trade-in value directly to customers, based on their device make, model and condition.

Lease programs

For mobile device lease programs, use our app to eliminate the need for a user to have their device condition assessed in-store.

BYOD insurance

For second hand device insurance, remotely identify and assess the condition of the device before offering cover.

Offer remote support

For remote support, allow agents to remotely access device information while talking to a customer.

Feature Summary

Protect your customers' devices from loss or theft and from malicious app activity

  • Reduce risk by automating manual test processes
  • Move testing from the warehouse and retail store into a mobile app
  • Remove OEM locked devices from trade-in or lease process flows
  • Allow customers to assess the trade-in value of their device without having to come in-store

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