Optimize profits and reduce risk using our patented phone leasing technology

Manage risk

Inhance Lease Manager combines a web application to assess and manage risk in your lease program and on-device technology that can receive messages and lock a device remotely.

The web app provides visibility into an inventory of leased devices, collecting details on make, model and condition. Integrate with your CRM to see lease inventory value and customers' arrears status.

Discover at-risk devices

Use the web app to filter devices based on make, model, condition and payment status.

Send reminder notifications

Message customers when you need to, for example when payment issues arise.

Lock devices remotely

Lock a device remotely to stop all outbound calls, except to a customer or emergency helpline. Inbound calls are allowed and the device remains locked even if the SIM card is replaced.

Unlock devices

Unlock a device remotely to restore complete functionality. For example, once a customer makes a new payment.

Feature Summary

Optimize lease program profitability by tailoring your program for success

  • Real-time lease inventory valuation
  • Comprehensive device filters for targeting
  • Locking and unlocking devices remotely
  • Contextual engagement
  • Filtering and segmentation tools

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