Protect your customers' devices from loss or theft and from malicious app activity

Protect devices

Inhance Protect combines a web portal your customers can use to view the location and status of their device with a mobile app that helps to keep it safe.

Customers can lock, locate and recover up to 10 devices, capture the last known location of a device before battery failure and lock a device remotely via SMS from another phone.

Protect apps

Protect your customers when they surf the net and when they install new apps. Tell them which apps have permission to access their personal data.

Protect content

Provide customers with cloud data back-up to ensure their content is always secure.

Transfer content wirelessly

Offer wireless content transfer to customers who want to move personal content to a new device. Transfer content directly or via the cloud on any combination of Android and iOS devices.

This guarantees your app is on every new device leaving your store.

Offer a concierge service

Offer premium customers assisted services to back up content or locate a missing device.

Feature Summary

  • Lock, locate and recover lost devices
  • Protect applications and content
  • Transfer personal content to another device or to the cloud
  • Offer premium services

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