Engage and retain your customers using the trade-in value of their mobile devices

Discover hidden value

Inhance Trade combines a web-based application that allows you to identify and communicate with your customers and a mobile app that monitors device condition and value.

Simply integrate our solution to discover the total real-time trade-in value for all devices on your program.

Diagnose devices remotely

Our mobile app automatically identifies the make, model, memory capacity and condition of each device, reporting this information back to the Inhance Trade web application.

Target eligible devices

Use any combination of an array of filters such as make, model and location to group eligible devices for trade-in.

Offer accurate prices

Send targeted customers a notification containing their device-specific trade-in value.

Offer compelling trade-in value to promote loyalty and spend.

Transfer content wirelessly

Offer wireless content transfer to customers who want to move personal content to a new device after trade-in. Transfer content directly on any combination of Android and iOS devices.

This guarantees your app is on every new device leaving your store.

Measure success

Track and review each time you engage with your customers to ensure future program success.

Two ways to deploy

Install the Inhance Trade library into your existing mobile app and publish it as an update. As customers update their apps, the corresponding trade-in value of their devices will appear in your web application.

We can also build a branded application you can offer your customers.


   (IBAction) tradeInButtonPressed: (id) sender {        NSBundle *inhancebundle = [NSBundle bundleWithPath:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"InhanceTradeInResources" ofType:@"bundle"]];     UIViewController *nextController = [[InhanceTradeInScanViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"InhanceTradeInScanViewController" bundle:inhancebundle];     [self.navigationController pushViewController:nextController animated:YES];      }  

Feature Summary

Track and review each trade-in engagement and tailor your program for success

  • Real-time device valuation
  • Comprehensive device filters for targeting
  • Integrated device diagnostics
  • Contextual engagement
  • Wireless content transfer

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