Wirelessly transfer content between devices or to the cloud for a fraction of the cost

Transfer content quickly

Inhance Transfer is a mobile application that wirelessly transfers contacts, images and videos in minutes between any combination of iOS and Android devices or the cloud. It also transfers SMS between Android devices. Transfers can be carried out in store or at home.

Reduce capex spend

Replace the little box in the corner with our cost-saving technology that connects two mobile devices over a secure Wi-Fi network. No need for specialized hardware, cables or cloud storage.

Transfer content safely

Once both mobile devices are connected over a secure Wi-Fi network, personal information is safely transferred between devices using an encrypted connection known as Secure Sockets Layer.

Improve retail efficiency

Do multiple transfers at the same time to reduce those in-store wait times.

Tried and trusted

“CTX has enabled our business to dramatically reduce the cost of content transfers for our clients while at the same time improving their customers' experience.”

Jean-Michel Jaffrelot, Managing Director

Feature Summary

Wirelessly transfer customer's content between mobile devices for a fraction of the cost

  • Transfer personal content to another device
  • Quick and secure
  • No hardware required
  • 300,000 transfers and counting
  • 24/7 customer support

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