Bringing innovation to mobile device insurance

Our added value

Use our solution to make your insurance product more tangible. Increase customer attach rates, reduce customer churn and reduce the cost of claims .

Increase attach rates

Sell more insurance by turning your mobile phone insurance policy into a Total Device Protection policy.

Reduce churn

Provide easy access to policy details and great features your customers will depend on.

Reduce claims cost

Recover more lost devices using our locate feature. Additionally, use our trade-in application to encourage customers to trade in high risk devices. Optionally mandate app use to insure the device is covered.

How it works

We brand a version of our proven technology for your users and provide 24/7 support if a problem arises.

Step 1

Users download the app onto a mobile device when purchasing insurance/warranty.

Step 2

They use the great content and device security features to safeguard their device and personal data.

Step 3

When the time is right, send a notification that includes the trade-in value of each customer's device, bringing them back to insure with you.

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