Sell more and stay in touch, one trade-in at a time

Our added value

Use our solution to increase profits, drive new business and retain more customers.

Increase profits

Leverage the trade-in value of a device to bring customers back in-store. Sell more with in-app sales and reduce capex spend with wireless content transfer.

Drive new business

Offer trade-in as part of a new sale, using the trade-in value to upsell products and services.

Retain more customers

Offer great in-app features customers will depend on over time and offer a trade-in value when it's time to upgrade.

How it works

We brand a version of our technology for your users and provide 24/7 support if a problem arises.

Step 1

To move personal content from an old device to a new one, customers install our app on both devices.

Step 2

Great features like device security and cloud storage ensure that the app is used and remains on the device.

Step 3

When the time is right, send a notification that includes the trade-in value of each customer's device, bringing them back in-store to upgrade.

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