Engage and retain customers using the value of your trade-in program

Our added value

Leverage our technology to increase trade-ins, reduce variance and improve in-store and online efficiency.

Increase trade-ins

Discover the trade-in value for all customer devices and target them with accurate trade-in offers.

Reduce variance

Automatically identify the make, model and condition of each one and ensure iOS device protection is turned off.

Improve efficiency

Integrate this information with your point-of-sale systems and wirelessly transfer customer content from an old device to a new one.

How it works

Add our phone leasing software into your existing mobile app or have us develop, brand and support a new app for you.

Step 1

Segment and target specific customer devices for engagement.

Step 2

Send these customers a notification that includes the trade-in value of their device.

Step 3

Offer the option to wirelessly transfer personal content directly to a new device or to the cloud.

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