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    3 Amazing Things We Achieved In 2015

    2015 has been a year of innovation and growth here at Inhance Technology.

    Having started the year on high after being named Ireland’s fastest growing technology company by the Deloitte Fast 50, the challenge was on to keep the momentum going.

    This year saw us continue our development of the popular mobile security product Inhance Protect. However we also invested a whole lot of blood, sweat and developers’ tears into the launch of a new trade-in solution for smartphones and tablets.

    Now with the year almost at an end, what better time to reflect and do round up of our top 3 achievements from 2015.

    1. We launched a World’s first

    2015 was the year the world’s first customer engagement tool for mobile device trade-in was unleased upon the world.

    In September we launched Inhance Trade, a cloud-based platform that provides a seamless mobile device trade-in experience for you and your customer.

    Made up of a mobile app and web app, Inhance Trade collects data such as the age, condition and memory capacity of a mobile device and uses it to calculate its actual value. Using this information you can push notifications displaying accurate trade-in offers direct to your customers’ devices.

    What’s cool about the software is it can be easily added to your existing app.

    Already it’s being piloted by a major US wireless retailer, with multiple other roll outs in pipeline in the New Year.

    2. We solved a multi-million dollar industry problem

    One of the most important questions you can ask a customer trading-in their used iPhone in-store is: “do you have ‘Find my iPhone’ turned off?”

    If it isn’t, you’re in trouble.

    By the time that device is brought for recycling, the customer is long gone and ‘Find my iPhone’ can no longer be disabled. Instead of being reused, the device must now be broken down into parts causing it to lose its value and the original trade-in price paid for it.

    In June we came up with an ingenious solution to this problem, which has been costing many in the trade-in industry millions of dollars every year.

    Built into our point-of-sale feature is a clever solution that will always ensure your retail agent will ask that all important question before they hand over the cash. To find out more, request a demo today.

    3. We surpassed 1 million mobile app downloads

    In October the cumulative number of paid downloads of our client apps surpassed one million users for the first time. This is no small feat in a world where there are now more than 1.5 million free and paid apps vying for our attention.

    In addition to having 1 million app downloads, we’ve also started adding our software to existing apps owned by our clients. This exciting development is something we’ll be building on in 2016 and beyond!

    2015 has been a fantastic year for our team here in Ireland and abroad. However with the weeks and months ahead already filling up with new projects and international trade shows, we’re can’t wait for the year ahead.

    Here’s to a great 2016!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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