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    Inhance Launches Patented Phone Leasing Software For Carriers


    • New solution gives added protection to carriers, OEMs and supply chain companies who offer phone leasing plans
    • Recently awarded three patents from United States Patent and Trademark Office that supports phone leasing software

    Boston, Mass; Cork, Ireland – March 11, 2016 – Carriers and wireless retailers can reduce the risks associated with offering phone leasing plans to customers using a new lease management product launched today.

    Inhance Lease Manager, developed by mobile specialists Inhance Technology, enables users to better manage their leasing programs by allowing them to restrict customer usage on a device in arrears and even lock a device if non-repayment continues.

    The Inhance Lease Manager combines on-device patented technology that monitors condition, receives messages and locks a device, with a web-based application that displays a live inventory and the value for all devices on a program. It can accurately identify and communicate with lease customers who have stopped making monthly repayments and can send a notification to a customer’s device to warn about future penalties.

    Paul Prendergast, Inhance Technology CEO, said: “In North America and more recently in Europe, the wireless industry has been experiencing a shift from traditional two-year contract plans towards various phone pricing programs including phone leasing. While these plans provide greater flexibility for the customer, they sometimes force the carrier to enter a riskier and more costly environment.

    “The Inhance Lease Manager uses patented technology that enables carriers, OEMs and supply chain companies to better manage in-life devices, saving companies millions of dollars in the process. If a customer is in arrears, the company can send a reminder notification to encourage repayment. If non-repayment continues, they can lock down the device on a temporary or longer term basis. In this way the technology is also of benefit to the customer as it reminds them to make repayments on time so as to avoid incremental penalties and fines.”

    To arrange a demo of Inhance Lease Manager today email sales@inhancetechnology.com.

    About Inhance Technology

    Headquartered in Cork, Ireland since 2005, Inhance Technology is a leading provider of white-label phone leasing, security and trade-in solutions to international blue chip companies including Best Buy, AIG and Dixons Carphone Warehouse.

    Inhance Lease Manager is the latest product to be added to the Inhance Mobile family of products; continuing to bring real value to customers at key points in the smartphone lifecycle. Recent US patents include: US Patent No. 9,253,205US Patent No. 9,258,326; and US Patent No. 9,031,536

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