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    Top 5 Add-on Features for Mobile Device Insurance & Warranties

    With the global mobile device insurance industry estimated to be worth a whopping $61bn by 2018, a significant shift within the industry has been taking place to capitalise on this growth.

    Now more than ever consumers are not just afraid of losing their expensive devices, but also the content stored on them. However despite the need for mobile device protection, many people still perceive policies as being either too expensive, too restrictive or just plain unnecessary.

    With smartphones today becoming the primary device for both content consumption and content creation; the need to protect, support, manage and optimise the overall mobile experience has become increasingly important to us all.

    Research by Frost & Sullivan reveals that “leading carriers are moving away from simply offering handset insurance to providing comprehensive, integrated mobile support and protection plans that include handset protection, data protection and premium technical and application support”.

    Insurers worldwide must also move with the times and revolutionise their mobile device protection programs by offering special ‘add-on’ features that go far beyond the basic insurance offering.

    Having worked in this industry for almost a decade, the team here at Inhance have had some firsthand experience of working with some of the world’s leading mobile retailers and insurers. Some entice their customers with special security mobile applications, others with quirky cash incentives. Some even offer their policies for free!

    We’ve decided to sift through the policies of some of the world’s leading providers in the business today to come up with a list of our top 5 favourite ‘add-on’ features. In addition, we’ve also decided to include some tips on ‘what not to do’ when offering your own mobile device protection plan.

    To read all about it, email us at info@inhancetechnology.com

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